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In response to changing attitudes and the resulting increased demand for environmentally-friendly practices in new construction projects, DeVito continues to deliver exceptional value in products and services. The company not only Builds It Perfectly, but it also Builds It Green through the "Green Standard" of building.

Green building practices have entered the mainstream; construction costs have fallen, and the potential savings in home-energy costs has continued to grow. New practices allow our company to reduce waste material and recycle any waste that is unavoidable. In addition, lumber, insulation and other building materials can be sourced from companies that use sustainable practices for producing the supplies.

By using sustainable materials for building, incorporating energy management techniques and giving close attention to insulating your home properly, you can spend less energy to heat and cool your home. By burning less oil/gas in the winters and using less electricity to run air conditioners during the summers, you are, in turn, reducing your overall carbon emissions.
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